Our mission is

To provide ASSURED* diagnostics solution

to wherever diagnosis is needed.

So we offer                    and 
made in South Korea



: real-time PCR device

ExAmplar aims to be the exemplar

real-time PCR solution for people living

in isolated, rural environment.

COVID-19 as well as HCV, HBV and HIV viral load kits ready-to-use.


- Room temp. shipping

- Master-mix beads ready-to-use

- More than a year expiration date

: Automatic extraction device


Automated nucleic acid extraction
- 8 sample in less than 15  minutes
- The perfect partner of ExAmplar
- Room temp. shipping

- Viral RNA extraction kit - for COVID-19
- Viral DNA extraction kit 
- Sputum DNA extraction kit
- Total NA extraction kit

   (for animal specimen)